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Podcast discussion about modern software development. Hosts Lee Flannery and Jorge Eduardo welcome a guest each week argue about coding practices, languages, technology, system architecture, and responsible consulting. Check us out on Twitter at @releasecast and on the web at
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Aug 18, 2015

Chris House is our special guest and his job is to take care of all the things that you never think about. What happens when devs don't think about monitoring? What is "ops" like when people don't talk to each other? Spoiler alert: it can suck, but Chris knows how to fix it. If NT 4 is working out great for you then maybe isn't the episode for you.

Also: Jorge hates Lee's new bag. Jorge will do your out-of-office emails for 6 months if you win our new contest. What it takes to earn the right to work in your underwear.

Mentioned on the show:

Managed services
Edge and Silverlight
NYSE suspends trading due to system failure
OutKast - So Fresh, So Clean
Netflix Chaos Monkey
.NET 5.0 everywhere
East Kentwood's Amiga-based air conditioning system.  

Topo Designs  

Jul 24, 2015

Do you like horror movies? Wait, who cares? I'll tell you who cares: it's Alex Jantz and he has a specific set of skills. And by that I mean data analysis. Are you going to "visit a bedroom" tonight or will you be left "shopping for tires?" Alex will let you know. Also: Is "Time to Hadoop" part of your relationship game? And a Release Mode first as the guest turns the tables on game time by challenging Lee and Jorge!

Christian Rudder
OK Trends
Third-wave Ska

Picks of the week:

Jul 5, 2015

We’ve got developer, presenter, and conference organizer Jason Sich! He talks about writing software for a company that cares about … software? We get into language choices, the issues surrounding organizing conferences and speakers, and really a lot about the kind of things that developers decide to put up with (or not) when they choose their career path.

Mentioned in this episode:

Node Dev Meetup
GR Dev Day
GR Dev Night

Picks of the week:

Jun 10, 2015

It's automated testing with Pete Richardson! The gang talks end-to-end testing nirvana to make smoother days and restful nights. Also: Plenty of tooling is discussed and we refrain from saying "boogers" until about minute 18. Lee gets in a jab at Eclipse. If you don't like Javascript maybe you should try VBScript ca. 2001. Jorge likes manually allocating data to processor registers.


Mentioned in this episode:

Picks of the week:

May 27, 2015

Big software projects are hard to estimate. Turns out, the same goes for buildings. Structural engineer Erica Flannery talks about estimates, budgets, and how buildings really get made. Hint: when a mommy and daddy building really love each other... If you think it's going to be a dry episode, it starts getting a "chippy" early, a little punchy at 30 minutes, and by 45 minutes it's an all out free-for-all. Also: Jorge says code coverage sucks. Metaphors are rarely perfect, especially when engineers are involved. Jorge: "I wasn't actually IN the dumpster" Erica: "Just your face?"

Picks of the week:
* Erica: Weber gas grills
* Jorge:
* Lee: “The Failure of Agile” by Andy Hunt
“The Pragmatic Programmer” by Andy Hunt and David Thomas

Apr 27, 2015

What even is architecture? The gang talks distributed architecture (with a domain-driven design chaser) with developer and consultant Tim Wondergem in a special episode recorded live on-site at the Wondergem Compound. Also: Lee is allergic to WSDL. Tim doesn’t like otters. Lee and Jorge may owe basically everybody an apology. Sorry everybody.

Follow up:

Mentioned in this episode:

Picks of the week:

Apr 20, 2015

Ep. 007: Lucrative and Kinda Sickening with Brett Pennings

Live from Release Mode Village Lee & Jorge welcome back developer Brett Pennings to talk about cash and your side projects. How does monetization affect a project or hobby? Should you monetize your project? Can you do it without losing your fanbase? Also: Trolls are great. Some follow-up on our TDD talk.

Follow up:
* The Failures of “Intro to TDD” by Justin Searls h/t @jasich

Mentioned in this episode:
* Soccer Physics
* Threes
* Acceptable Ads Manifesto
* Jack Conte
* Patreon
* Kickstarter
* Indie GoGo

Picks of the week:
* Jorge: STEM
* Brett: Open Systems Technologies (OST)
* Brett: Ludum Dare Grand Rapids
* Lee: 80 Days

Apr 13, 2015

We talk about teaching and how we learn with consultant and coding instructor Chase Bolen. Can anyone learn to program if they're motivated? Is it worth it? How does a professional developer continue to learn? Lee and Jorge get some answers.

Also: Lee is a regular Terri Gross. What to do with "30 days guy." Mentors are important. Callbacks are everywhere now. Chase did some homework.

Mentioned in this episode:




Volatility-Based Design


Generator expressions

Lambda functions

Functional Languages

Lewis & Clark

Ballmer Peak

State dependent memory


Security Now

Picks of the week:

App Inventor 2 @ MIT


Mf'ing website (obscene URL left as an exercise for the listener)

Apr 7, 2015

What happens when Agile methodology falls into the hands of the wrong people? According to our guest application development consultant Jared Dickson, you've got some work to do. The gang talks about how Agile methodology is sometimes twisted into an unholy weapon used to crush the spirit of complacent developers. Also: "Where the hell did these people learn about Agile?", fabulous tablets, Jorge had a shirt once.

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The Agile Manifesto




The 5 Dysfunctions of a Team by Patrick M. Lencioni

Station Eleven: A novel by Emily St. John Mandel

Mar 30, 2015

How do you get into game development? For Brett Pennings, the story starts with an 8th grade kid and a TI-83 calculator. Lee and Jorge welcome Brett to chat about being a web developer by day and an indie mobile game developer by night. Also: the gang invents a new taskrunner called "Derp."

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Mar 23, 2015

Freelance developer and consultant Scott Jasperse doesn't know what he's in for as he joins Lee and Jorge to discuss Test-Driven Development and strong opinions are unearthed. The gang also discusses unit testing in general. Also: Jorge went to college. Lee learns that one does not simply join the Cool Kids Club. Jorge learns the provenance of sausage.

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Mar 16, 2015

Web application development guru Jeff Timreck joins Lee and Jorge to talk about refactoring strategy and how to manage legacy codebases. Jorge takes pot shots at Perl and Lee continues to be awful at unit testing. Also: Jeff plays a round of "Ship It or Trash It?" and we find out how much Jorge weighs.

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Mar 9, 2015

It's the first episode, and Lee and Jorge are talking about "Getting Started" with application developer and consultant Karl Sanford. The gang talks about unused domain names, motivation, the best time of day to do creative work, templated code and starter projects, and Karl's true feelings for Jeff Bridges.

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